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Halal services for (Restaurants, Hotels)

Book your Hotel now ... and select from the list of Hotels not serve alcohol, and food prepared in accordance with Islamic sharia, mosques to pray and separate places for women in the outdoors ( swimming pools - places to relax ). and also enjoy Halal travel services for restaurants .. list of the best restaurants serve cooked foods which are prepared in accordance with Islamic sharia.

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Halal your Islamic services in one application

one application brings together all your everyday need ( prayer times, Qibla direction, find mosques ), in addition to Islamic du'aa and different categories of Azkar ( after the prayer, reciting of morning and evening ) has been carefully assembled by many imams and reliable Islamic books.


Best Destination Hotels

Application Features


Book your hotel now, No alcohol, Halal food, and separated mosques for prayer and modest dressing, without using female models. you can Hear AZAAN to prayer five times a day. Enjoy the beach, the restaurants, the segregated facilities and open-air women-only swimming pool and relaxation. Now get the maximum Islamic entertainment. Don’t drag your house out of your neighborhood during your trip to feel comfortable


Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines gathered from Quran.
Because progress is our vision, we succeeded in adding more information about Halal restaurants at your phone, and "Halal Application" not complicated or heavier. All what you need just by touch, because it's the most natural way to interact with a smartphone to make your trip easier and more enjoyable! It just makes sense to us that your phone should recognize you and learn your culture.

Travelers Says

Mohamed Abdelrahman

After using Halal application services i have ignored all other application related to Muslim services because it contain huge collection of Indispensable Muslim services like (Qiblah, prayer times, Mosque finder, Audio city guide, Azkar, dua, Halal restaurants, ticket booking, HAJJ UMRAH, Halal hotels) ,all muslim services in one application./p>

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